Economical and Emotional Cost of Hairloss

Feb 24, 2021
I have heard many times when speaking to new clients - they mention I am their "last hope" for healing and reversal of their alopecia. They have tried modern medicine, they have tried PRP, laser caps, they have tried homeopaths, acupuncture and so much more... they stumble upon Alopecia Angel in a search and see that perhaps the one thing that they didn't try was diet and lifestyle and they decide to give it a go.
If there is one thing I could suggest to everyone battling any disease or health condition, is to first look at diet and lifestyle as this is the key to true health. This is something that you cannot overlook or bypass, this is something that will eventually catch up to you.... If we continue to overlook, dismiss, brush off, disregard ourselves, our health and our bodies, it will break down like a car that isn't cared for.
And normally it breaks down right when you need it most-- this is actually a form of karma, I know because it happened to me just that same way! Its when our bodies are pushed over the edge, they no longer can support us as we have been abusing them and not supporting them all along. Many times unknowingly- as was the case for me and many other clients. You don't know till you know... and when you do realize what went wrong, you already have alopecia! (or another diagnosis)
Sound familiar?
The economical costs of hairloss can be exuberant amounts of time, energy, money and stems from chasing our tails, seeing one doctor and another, a different dermatologist and then another, another specialist and then another. Trying various creams, cortisone shots, and treatments that don't garner any returns. Time is wasted and so is our emotional stamina. You search online and see nothing but bad news, gimmicks and topicals that also don't render positive results.
If you have ventured looking into alternative therapies you know that it is also costly and time consuming- all my clients who have tried them, also have no results to show for it.
Wigs are another avenue and they too cost a lot and have a lot of upkeep. Wigs and toppers are the not the solution I was looking for, and no judgment to those who go that route, however, isn't it better to invest in your diet and lifestyle, regaining health and hair, then to pay $1000-$7000 for a wig ? One client mentioned that she had paid over $10,000- $50,000 in wigs alone.
Emotions run high when you are losing your hair- you can almost immediately take things the wrong way, depending who says it and what they say. Most people do not understand you, and even your friends and family are at a loss on how best to support you. I get this... I've personally had alopecia and felt the exact same thing... family didn't know what to say so they avoided talking about it as to not upset me. Friends, well, they were mostly kept in the dark as this was somewhat horrifying and I didn't really want to share "the news" with anyone.
My husband, who at the time we were dating/ getting to know one another, did the most for me in supporting my decisions and giving me the space to "find" the solution and try everything I needed to in order to feel better about my quest for healing. Three years into it.. and you can imagine all the changes and personas he saw in me. It was raw and real.
Thankfully, I came out of that a much better person, mind, body and spirit. There's also no reason why you can't either. Like so many of the success stories and clients that have also garnered the same results, the opportunity is available to you.
The costs in changing diet and lifestyle adapts to every budget. There are no barriers to entry, rather if we keep dismissing diet and lifestyle then we will continue to proceed in the same manner we have been all along... with no results or hair growth to show for it. Just added pain and suffering towards the situation and even in ourselves.
If you were to add up all the the items you have already bought, the purchases and products that have been unused or stopped half way, what about all those doctor visits, co-pays and prescriptions - I know personally I spent over $5000 in seeing doctors, more to fly to different states and countries to see if in Europe or in the USA there were new strategies or approaches to alopecia. I also spent money on countless products and prescriptions and again, saw no results. If I had gone the natural route- diving deep into my health and wellness, diving deeper into my diet and lifestyle, not only would I have healed sooner, but it would have also been a heck of a lot cheaper. Guaranteed!
It's priceless to get the correct information, the first time, instead of chasing your tail with gimmicks and doctors that don't have the true solution for real results.
Here's the math:
- Cost of hair transplant $4000- $15,000
- Wigs $500- $10,000 each!
- PRP $500-$2000 for each session, min 3 sessions+
- Acupunture $75-90 each session, min 5 sessions +
- Supplements can costs anywhere from $100-$300+ per month and many times I see my clients taking the wrong ones, with wrong quantities and ingredients and even some they don't need or that don't apply to their hairloss situation.
- Prescriptions and doctors visits: $ depends on insurance, coverage and type but either way, you are paying for it and also no guarantees on hair growth. No results here have helped me or my clients.
-Laser Cap: $800-$2000 = also they say slowdown of hairloss after 6 months, vs 2-3 weeks with diet and lifestyle. Caps offer results to a certain extent after 2 years of use....
How does diet and lifestyle compare?
  • In less than 2 months you can already be seeing hair growth
  • In less than 2-4 weeks you can stop seeing the hairloss and shedding
  • By week 8, you are on the right path towards full healing in less time
  • The process is priceless and the investment in yourself overflows into your family and loved ones
  • Reversing and healing hair starts from the inside, you are consistently upgrading all systems with true health, diminishing current ailments and conditions and enhancing your health all around
Want to learn more? The Signature Program is opening doors soon. Stay in the know and get on the waitlist to be informed! Health and hair growth is around the corner! Are you ready!?

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