Fertility and Autoimmunity

Mar 24, 2021
We already know that alopecia targets 80% of women and about 20% of men. We also know that many other autoimmune diseases also favor women over men. About 75% to 25%.
What does this have to do with fertility? EVERYTHING!
For both genders, autoimmunity can impact fertility. Fertility is not separate from your health and many times the solution to both is one of the same. Autoimmunity may affect all stages of fertility, via ovarian failure, testicular failure, implantation failure, and pregnancy loss. Recurrent miscarriages are also common when you have autoimmunity.
Did you know that one in seven couples has fertility issues?
Our bodies are all interconnected. And much like dominos, they fall in place according to how to we treat our bodies with the correct nourishment, with the appropriate support and lifestyle. In terms of fertility, it's no surprise that I've had clients express their desires to get healthy, heal and reverse their alopecia but also get pregnant. And fast! Time is of the essence as many are in their 30's and in that prime time.
I have seen these clients get pregnant easily after taking the steps to heal their alopecia via the Hair' N' Heal -- which creates new habits for diet and lifestyle- these same changes affect fertility in a positive way, enhancing fertility, couples are healthier creating quicker conception and natural pregnancy
In my clients, it only took them a couple of weeks of finishing the program, and I received emails telling me their great baby news! These women are in their late 30's and conceived naturally which by many standards is astonishing. Personally, I believe having alopecia was a blessing for me, that allowed me to not only regain my health and hair but also upgrade my fertility and health all around. Many of you know my story of how I met my husband right when I was diagnosed with alopecia. We married and I conceived naturally, twice, on the first try each, at the ripe age of 39 and 40! I had a miscarriage but quickly bounced back and on the first try after the miscarriage, I was pregnant again. Today, I am the mother I always wanted to be, and I have my health and hair(loss) to thank. I give all the credit to focusing on the natural way of obtaining true health and this new diet and lifestyle approach in helping me and my clients conceive naturally and effortlessly.
Getting healthy, prepping, and detoxing your body before conceiving is a must - to ensure you are the healthiest vessel but also to ensure your baby is the healthiest possible and not obtaining any toxic remnants from you. You don't move into the new house without cleaning it first right? We need to deep clean our bodies to ensure all "systems" are a GO and functioning at optimal levels. With this approach, you avoid more issues that could arise during and after pregnancy with your baby.
If you are experiencing "infertility" - the medical term for not being able to conceive in 12 months of trying, I highly suggest going back to basics-- focus on the foundation of diet and lifestyle as I know this is the answer for alopecia and also the answer to many other health concerns that affect fertility, including PCOS, hormones, thyroid issues, and other autoimmune conditions too.
Around 1% of women in developed countries have the autoimmune condition celiac disease, where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine. They are at increased risk of infertility and recurrent miscarriages. This is likely to be due to nutritional deficiencies in their diet.
Autoimmune thyroid disease is a common condition in women of childbearing age affecting 5-15% and can lead to either an overactive (Graves’ disease, hyperthyroidism) or underactive (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroidism) thyroid. Women with thyroid disease often experience menstrual cycle irregularities, so may struggle to conceive.
PCOS is another situation where diet and lifestyle can positively reverse the potential damage it can cause and also allow you to have a successful and natural pregnancy. Conceiving naturally with PCOS is possible. Upgrading your health regardless of the diagnosis is possible and available to everyone, naturally.
Please Note:
  • Using certain medications for alopecia in men and women can alter fertility outcomes and have risks for overall future fertility
  • Certain medications outside of alopecia medications can also alter and cause damage to the fetus, so if you are on a certain medication, look at the risks and side effects.
  • Many times the problem with fertility and hormones starts with birth control!
  • If you are thinking about conceiving in the next 6, 12, 18 months, or even a bit after that, I invite you to learn more about what you can do, how to prepare your body for pregnancy, but also increasing your chances of conceiving naturally.
 Conceiving naturally and healing from alopecia have more in common than you'd think. You can boost your chances of conceiving naturally and healing alopecia through diet and lifestyle.
If you have alopecia + another condition like celiac, PCOS, thyroid issues, and other conditions mentioned within this article, these same conditions can improve and heal. There's no need to suffer more from health "issues".. rather when we choose to support it, all areas of our health improve including fertility. 

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