Flu Shots and Alopecia, Should You Get One?

Sep 01, 2020
Yup, September 1, marks the day when many children go back to school and soon enough flu season will be approaching. How to mitigate and mange flu season amid Covid and potential outbreaks and second waves? Do you normally get flu shots? Do you know why you get them?
Many times understanding the information behind it makes more sense than propaganda pushing their agenda.
I personally don't see any other country push the flu shot like the USA. Why is that? I question this and many things, but lets stick to health and not go into politics....
Did you know that the USA spends the most on healthcare, yet we rank the worst in many markers in health care compared to other countries?
I believe you should support your immune system so that you don't need flu shots...
especially the ones like the flu shot that mutates each year and that also has no guarantee of you not getting the flu. What's the point to that? I am also opposed to thimerasol which is mercury that is placed in the vaccine. Mercury, in any amount is toxic to humans and disrupts our balance. Heavy metals play a big role in body burden and also promote neurological diseases such as dementia, alzheimer's, ALS and others. (not to mention heavy metals can trigger autoimmunity)
No thanks!
Do I recommend the flu shot for you?
No. Not at all... Not even if you didn't have alopecia - I would still not recommend it.
The recommendation that the US government gives for nutrition has caused obesity, heart disease and diabetes.. yes the USA is #1 in all categories. So why recommend a flu shot which research shows has little to no effect or efficacy... hmmmm same situation like with alopecia treatments that doctors normally prescribe....
I had a client who was an athlete in college and she was able to get an exemption from the flu shot, she was a current client of mine and saw lots of progress, however I knew this flu shot could set her back. What happened? She went on to play and train as normal, all her hair grew back in 9 months (she had 13 patches) and she never got the flu! When your body works and we support it, we don't need lab created toxins to enter our body to create a false sense of immunity, because we can build it up and protect ourselves naturally.
I don't recommend the flu shot for various reasons, however especially because:
The CDC, center for disease control in the USA recommends not getting the flu shot especially if you have an egg allergy (which many do) as this might spark an allergic reaction. (yes many times vaccines have eggs, peanuts, animal cells and heavy metals in them-perhaps this is why we see more and more egg and peanut allergies ?)
In addition, I notice that many never knew they had en egg allergy or an allergy to something else until they did my program. This could complicate your health situation if you take the flu shot and not know you have an egg allergy for example.
Flu shots suppress the immune system, just like the cortizone shots and creams that do not work for alopecia. Meaning, more hairloss could occur, and more harm could come from more toxins in your body.
In addition I have parents and clients who have come to me, swearing that they or their children got alopecia right after vaccines or the flu shot. It's not a coincidence. Our bodies are filled with toxins through food, water, environment that the liver and kidneys have a hard time detoxifying. I talk about this in great lengths in my 2 month Signature Program.
A flu shot does not make you healthy.
Too many people are confused about this issue. It provides you with artificial immunity. Even if this protects you against a particular strain of flu, there may be another 200 viruses out there during any given flu season which you won’t be protected against.
A flu shot, however, can sometimes hurt a healthy immune system. This occurs when mercury-based chemical preservatives are used in the vaccine. (which they have)
Exposure to mercury can be toxic and symptoms can range from vision loss to impaired speech. High doses of mercury have even been shown to cause the development of tumors in animal studies.
Small amounts of formaldehyde are also used in the flu shot. That’s right – the chemical that is used in embalming is used in the flu vaccine to inactivate the virus.
Aluminum is also found in the flu shot.
In 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services listed formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen, meaning it has been established that it causes cancer, yet it’s still found in the flu vaccine.
Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, a renowned immunogeneticist with an impressive 850 papers published in peer-reviewed journals, conducted a study that concluded that getting five consecutive flu shots could increase the chance of developing Alzheimer’s by ten-fold. That's 10 X more likely!
Flu shots contain 25 micrograms of mercury. One microgram is considered toxic.
There seems to be some argument over what types of mercury are toxic, which are not and what levels are safe.  What's important about Dr. Fudenberg's study is not why the flu shot is leading to an increased chance of Alzheimer's Disease, but simply that it is increasing our chances. (So why risk it?)
More importantly, consider that by getting a flu shot you may not be giving your body the best option. You’re choosing artificial immunity over natural immunity – and reactive care rather than proactive. Having a naturally healthy immune system offers more than just reducing your risk of the flu. It helps prevent and postpone many illnesses,from cancer and heart disease to most chronic conditions. It adds quality of life to the end of your life. Artificial immunity can’t do that. In addition, if you have alopecia, you will want natural immunity, boosting and supporting your natural immune system, because at the moment, if you are bald or losing hair, your system is already on overload. With natural immunity, your hair grows back, alopecia goes to sleep and your health skyrockets! If you have done my program, you can see how in just 8 weeks, you can rebuild your immune system and jumpstart the progress towards truth health and hair. You can come out stronger and healthier from alopecia... I did and many have too. But if we continue using bandaids to "help" our situation we will never get better. There is work to be done. There are changes that are needed, but guess what, these changes don't only help you grow your hair, they allow you to be stronger and with a healthier immune system, you learn the keys to great health and it will show!
Today I opened registration to the next Signature Program, if you have been on the fence, don't delay, this is your chance to prevent the flu, prevent more hairloss, and reverse alopecia. Learn, once and for all how you can take back the control of your health and come out on top- stronger, healthier, more vibrant in every area of your life. Transformations happen in less than 8 weeks. What are you waiting for?
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