Grateful For My Alopecia Journey

Dec 11, 2018
Within the last 3-6 months, I have seen an immense change in hair quality, extensive hair growth and strength in my nails, which by the way, since birth were always peeling and breaking easily.
The journey to healing and reversing alopecia has been trying and challenging, however I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to overcome the challenge and not only heal myself and move on with my life, but to also bestow the information and knowledge that I have gained throughout my process.
I thought I was healthy before, but my new knowledge has taken me further, setting a higher bar when it comes to being aware of toxins, health for mind, body and spirit. More profoundly, is the beginning health for those that have yet to come to this world. Their start is dependent on us and thus, if no change or call to action is adhered to, then they too fall prey to the same cycle.
Break the cycle, create change, and create better health for you and your loved ones.
Gratitude fills my heart, as I am able to help people with Alopecia from all over the world, from the USA, to Poland, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Netherlands, the UK, Canada, and much more.
As 2019 approaches, my heart is filled with possibilities to reach more people and reverse their alopecia. The Vitamin D Retreat is underway and starting in January, Group Coaching starts first week of January as well. Start the new year with the my call to action- take action for your health, take action for yourself and your loved ones.
Imagine regaining your health, hair and living life as before- just better!
Beyond the hair, health is important. Many times auto immune diseases buddy up creating more diseases within, so perhaps you are OK with no hair, but what about if something else starts to appear like thyroid issues, diabetes, lupus or one of the 140 items under the autoimmune disease umbrella?
Just like keeping your car in order, you cannot neglect one area of it without effecting the rest. Your body is yelling at you with alopecia. Looking back, I see the signs, and I see where I neglected myself and my health. I see where I could've done better, however I didn't realize everything was interconnected... I thought one thing didn't need to relate to another, when in actuality it did.
This is why I am grateful. Not only can I say that I reversed Alopecia with success, but within this journey, my knowledge, my experiments and experience have led me to help others, and start a wonderful new healthy lifestyle for me and my family. Once you know, learn and implement, there is no going back to your old ways... be better, become better, level up. The time is now. Embrace change and create the wealth in health you are seeking!
"The 3 C's in Life, Choice Change and Chance. You must make the Choice, to take the Chance, if you want anything in life to Change"

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