How Lifestyle Plays a Part in Healing Alopecia Naturally

Aug 25, 2020
Alopecia Angel is dedicated to diet and lifestyle changes that enhance health, restores healthy hair through foundational learnings that are specific to Alopecia, hairloss and autoimmune disease.
If you haven't already, I encourage you to read my story.
As you can see, I too went through the normal process of seeing doctors and getting meds with no help. I knew there was a better way, and when I discovered hair growth through changes in diet and lifestyle, I knew more people needed to know. That's when Aloepcia Angel was born.
My clients see massive results in less time which is amazing, in less than 3 months, 2 months, 4 weeks, they are already seeing and feeling changes. Better bowel movements, amazing skin (at all ages, 20's, 30's, 40's 50's 60's) loads of energy - and that's just in the first week or two. I have had several impressive clients who saw results - actual hair growth- in 3 weeks! Incredible right? Diet kicks in and resets the body, encouraging health and hair, but lifestyle is the partner to diet and diet alone cannot tackle alopecia. (so for all of you taking out one allergen or another and thinking that's the magic trick, its not... its take more than that and my investigation, research and results prove it!)
You need lifestyle and lifestyle can be challenging for many
Lifestyle is a big umbrella for more factors that go way beyond stress. Lifestyle means changes in your day to day, how you live. The way you are living is perhaps not conducive to your health or at the very least can require some improvements and tweaks, especially now where our lifestyle has been altered for many of us due to corona. Its a new normal, and lifestyle changes like diet changes are not for a short period of time, Its life long changes for a long term strategy in health and hair growth. Take it from me, who's been alopecia free for more than 4 years now, its possible to go back to normal, the way life once was before alopecia... And yes, you can learn the tools to never get to alopecia again... you can see signs and stop it in its tracks... (its all part of the my program) (And I also teach you how to cheat, so you don't feel deprived and live your best life)
I have one client who did the signature program, he was hesitant and a skeptic and still did it. He and I spoke after the program ended and he realized the mistakes of not putting in 100% effort into it, he also realized that his body craved this new healthy diet and lifestyle even though he implemented just a portion of it. Our bodies acknowledge the good and rewards us accordingly, it also gives us negative results when we feed it unhealthy things. Learn to know the difference and be your best, long term changes are needed, your effort is needed and there is where lie the results!
You cannot out supplement a bad diet or lifestyle
Many people take supplements, and maybe start taking them thinking that taking biotin is plenty for hair growth or that taking another hair supplement is exactly what they need to overcome alopecia. WRONG. If that were the case, I wouldn't be here. It takes more than supplements, it also takes diet and lifestyle. Its a trifecta of sorts... and each one is really a big umbrella filled with various other items. This is why it takes 2 months to go over the information, there's a lot to cover. And as new developments arise, I incorporate that into the program, making it more robust, up to date and essential for your health and hair growth LONGTERM.
You cannot out diet a bad lifestyle
If you have great lifestyle wonderful, I don't know too many who do, except maybe the Scandinavians and Dutch... they have this work life balance thing mastered! Impressive on all accounts! However, you know as you grow older things and life get more and more complicated, more and more challenging, and for many of us, that's what we call adulting, however no one is giving us tools on how to do so without burning out the candle on both ends. No one is teaching us many things that I teach, including parents, doctors, teachers, schools or governments. Face it, today in the year 2020 we are living in a world where we need to catch up with technology and the pace of life is a lot faster and more intense than it was 40 years ago. Back in the 1980's things were a lot slower, more natural and more innocent on various accounts. But not now, you need to carve out your diet and carve out your lifestyle and make time for it, or else society's definition of lifestyle will consume you. If you want hair and health long term, do not neglect lifestyle.
I have several clients who saw results early on in my program, ( 2 and 3 weeks time) One in particular also started to see more hairloss towards the end of the program. Why? Because lifestyle was not addressed. We cannot out supplement and out diet a bad lifestyle. We need to tackle the issues head on and resolve them. Resolving them = peace of mind, peace in your body, peace in your spirit. The mind body and emotional connection is strong, and needs to be respected and of course, dealt with. Yes I too, had the lifestyle changes to deal with, I too, needed to create more boundaries, I too went through some growing pains, but that's where the magic lies, when you grow, you overcome, when you grow you are better, when you grow you are wiser. Am I not right? When all these things line up, you see fabulous results, quickly and in less time.
You cannot have a good lifestyle and bad diet...
Truth! Everything is connected, and a bad diet won't get you far. I can assure you that. The confusion comes when I have people who are more educated in the form of nutrition and they insist they know more or are doing things wonderfully. Please understand, if you are dealing with alopecia, losing hair or already bald, something is amiss, and starting with diet is the first step, next tackle the rest... focusing solely on diet won't get you results, focusing solely on supplements won't get you far either, lifestyle alone won't cut it. It's all of it, just like growing plants, or making a recipe, you will know when something is off and not functioning properly because your plant will die or turn yellow, and your recipe won't be as delicious- these are key indicators.
Lifestyle is just as significant as diet, so if you have diet down and supplements are great, then turn your focus to lifestyle. This can and will be your achilles heel and you want to prevent alopecia from coming back right? You want to stop it in its tracks, and you want to thrive with a head full of hair, no ancillary symptoms and nothing but a vibrant new YOU. (If I didn't mention it before, a NEW YOU will emerge, guaranteed.) I am no longer the person I was 4-5 years ago, and in the same vein, I have never been healthier, mind, body and spirit, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. That is true health, when all the elements are aligned.
Yes there is always room for improvement, I work on those daily and keep acquiring more knowledge to take my health to the next level... My hope is that you realize that supplements and diet alone won't cut it. You need help and guidance from someone who's gone through alopecia, healed herself and also has helped hundreds of others. Your time is now, don't delay... hair and health await you!
If you need further guidance, grab a coaching session, or better yet, the Signature Program is about to open registration Sept 1. (includes the coaching session and guides you step by step each week on what you need to do to succeed.

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