How Pain and Suffering Propel You Further Into Healing Alopecia

Sep 22, 2020
There is something that no doctor and no one else who has not experienced Alopecia or hairloss will understand. The deep pain of hairloss is something that personally shook me and I know it has shaken many of you to your core. I know it also hijacks your life in many ways, altering how you live, if you go to the gym, or out of the house and more importantly the constant feeling of how it destroys your persona, your identity, and confidence. I didn't recognize myself in the mirror, not just the physical aspect, but also the inner me, who was lost, lost in questions, lost in uncertainty, lost in not understanding, lost in hopelessness because no doctor could give me any concrete answers or any concrete options that for sure had results.
It took me a while to understand that doctors are just people too. A little more education. But still not perfect in any way nor are they trained to think outside the box- that's actually up to each of us. They have a protocol just like customer service at the post office has, they have set rules and guidelines of what they can and cannot do.
Sidenote* Have you noticed that customer service in general has gone down significantly since covid started? I have, and even find my myself trying to circumvent situations, gate keepers and customer service people to actually obtain better service and results.
I am a results oriented person. I make things happen.
The pain from alopecia, from the hair fall and all the ancillary symptoms that were taking over my body, were all motivations to keep going, keep searching, and keep at it until something gave.
The pain propelled me to move forward, to pick myself up from the bathroom floor, from bouts of crying and from negative thoughts and feelings. I allowed it all to happen, but also gave myself the pep talks needed to keep going... it just didn't make sense to me.
Now more than 4.5 years later, alopecia free, back to health and hair, lots of hair, and no symptoms as before, I can tell you its possible and that alopecia is a learning lesson- for all of us.
Use your pain and suffering to propel you further, use it as a driver to do better and commit more to yourself and your health. I was speaking with a client yesterday during a coaching call and she as many women do, has put herself last in every category, taking care of herself has become less of a priority each year since her alopecia started in 2013. Now in 2020 she is seeing her alopecia worsen, worsen so much, she's reached out for help, reached out and joined my Signature Program.
Why is it that we wait for when things are ultimately worse, to make a change?
I had a client who has had alopecia universalis for 20 years and when he came to me he was curious and at the same hesitant since he hadn't seen me in the alopecia circle in the last ten years until now. Sometimes, there are game changers in life, disruptors of industry, and they come later, not exactly when you expect it or want it, but many times when you are ready and open to it.
He did my Signature Program and in 4 weeks he saw hair growth in head, arms and legs. Amazing right.. he had done bits and pieces of things, thinking he was uber health before seeing me, but as I mentioned in other posts, we all have blindspots. Its up to you if you want to prolong your alopecia or get a head start and get going with hair growth NOW by having someone help you out.
Health is a life changer and alters every aspect of your routine and life. One of my team members took a leave of absence today because she went blind over night in one eye and needs immediate surgery done, which alters her lifestyle, work and her family who is there to help her out.
An uncle I have also is in stage 4 cancer and the doctor came back saying they don't where its coming from. That the only option is to do (guinea pig) trials as radiation and chemo are no longer options. Imagine hearing the news that nothing can be done.
Many of you already have. " That nothing can be done about your alopecia"- (don't believe this) There are others out there that have made it through, recovered from alopecia, and haven't seen it come back. I am one example. And what about my clients who have seen success, progress, hair growth and massive health transformations? What about those who recover from stage 4 cancer by altering diet and lifestyle, they aren't miracles, its called supporting your body and doing well by it. Its called leaning into change, leaning into being open to something new. Einstein said, " you cannot use the same method to solve a problem as you did to create it"- also, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is called insanity. Many times, clients have tried a hodge podge of things thinking one thing is the magic key, when in reality its a combination of things and there is a step by step process - just like how a recipe calls for step by step actions.
Its understanding where you have gone wrong, being open to it, and fixing the areas that need a little more TLC, (tender love and care) and polishing. We are not born knowing how to, but others who have come before you are paving the way.
Are you willing to alter your life, change a bit so that you too, can experience health and hair growth as no other? Are you willing to go the extra mile? Get out of your comfort zone?
Another way to gauge your response, would be to ask, How bad do you feel- do you feel bad enough to make changes? Or are you ok living this way? If you are ok living this way, potentially the day will come where you cannot bare it anymore, where you cannot seemingly cover up your spots or lack of hair and get tired of limiting yourself from certain activities. Alopecia like many things, doesn't stay constant, rather it tends to get worse. If a cold is unattended it can lead to the flu or bronchitis or pneumonia. Alopecia is left unattended is also in that category, where it can get worse over time. Why wait for that to happen? For more pain and suffering to come into your life?
Personally I felt like alopecia was an out of body experience, I didn't see or feel like the normal me, and that's all I wanted. Once I got there, it was like a light switch that turned on over night (overnight after more than 2 years of working on this) My alopecia started off small and even though I was working towards solving it, it actually got worse before it got better. Way worse... bald spots grew bigger, more shedding, receding hairline, loss of some eyelashes and even noticed my eyebrows starting to erase from the bottom up.
Alopecia was a huge alarm bell for me. I had to stop. I had to stop everything and analyze what was going on. Did I find the root cause? Yes, I believe I did, and it looks different for everyone, but what I like to say, is that it's not one thing or another, its a whole host of factors that have led us here. But as there are dark days, there are also bright ones... hold onto the bright ones, and know that there is always hope, always opportunity to do better, opportunity to get "everything right" , opportunity to make changes, opportunity for renewal and rebirth. YES YOU CAN REVERSE ALOPECIA.
Take this and know that its possible. Some effort and commitment is needed, but what awaits is so much greater, so much bigger than you can imagine. A life free of alopecia, knowing and understanding it, plus realizing how to not have it come back ever.
A life full of health, hair, happiness, transforming you from the inside out. This is what is possible and so much more.
Don't let the pain and suffering be your anchor, rather use it fuel your fire, to motivate you to keep going. Health and hair is possible and its available to everyone.

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