How Sugar Impacts Your Health and Hair

Oct 03, 2019
Holidays are upon us which means, lots of parties, at schools, work, family and friend gatherings. Many of my clients and followers have children who have alopecia.
As adults we tend to have more discipline than children and we tend to be able to say no, hopefully, to things that are not good for our health and hair. "I'll pass on the cheesecake- thank you!"
With the upcoming holiday season and parties that both adults and children need to endure and attend, let me encourage you to restrain yourself from the onset of too much sugar, which is hampering your health, hair and hair growth process.
This can and will set you back on your health and hair goals, for both adults and children alike.
Sugar is hidden everywhere, in ketchup, bread, milk, cereals, and the list is endless of added sugars.
Let's focus on lowering the sugar intake because it will help you today and in the long run towards life long health and hair growth.
Sugar feeds disease.
Cancer, diabetes, heart disease have all been linked to sugar and are also feeding the disease. It increases aging and depression, it drains your energy and can cause fatty liver and so much more.
Beyond that, if you are reading this its because you are concerned with your hair. Sugar causes inflammation. Alopecia is essentially an overload of inflammation in the body. We need to reduce it to heal and get your hair back.
Diet believe it or not, affects hair growth just as much as cars cannot run on orange juice. It's the quality of the fuel we use for our bodies that makes us run properly.
Many hidden sugars include fried foods, grains, pasta, and pastries.
Research has found that hair loss occurs with the consumption of sugar because:
  • Hair is made of protein and there is no protein in sugar to nourish your hair follicles or hair shaft.
  • High glycemic foods cause hormone imbalances that can stunt the growth of hair.
  • High sugar levels cause inflammation in many places in the body including the scalp.
  • Individuals who consume too much sugar do not have as much control of the way their body produces DHT, a hormone that causes balding, or the way it prevents balding.


You are also more likely to suffer from sugar related hair loss if:  
  • You eat a diet that consists mostly of sugar and carbohydrates.
  • You have a metabolic disorder.
  • You have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes.
  • You have been diagnosed with Type I or Type II Diabetes.
  • You are overweight or obese.
  • You suffer from dandruff.
  • You are a heavy drinker.
  • You drink a lot of coffee.
  • You are a smoker.


What to do?
Start by giving away all your processed and packaged foods away- either to a neighbor or a homeless shelter or a food bank- give it away and stock your house with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Limit the sugar for both your children and yourself during the holiday season. During Halloween limit the candy consumption for children, and for you, take it out altogether. Don't touch it. If you need a treat- make it from my cookbook.
During the next holidays where there's lots of baking, use my recipes that are healthy alternatives for having your cake and eating it too! If you provide the treats for your kids classroom or dinner party, than you have more of a choice when it comes to how much sugar and what ingredients are being used.
Teach your children and yourselves new habits towards sugar. The sooner children learn about what's healthy and what's not- they will quickly follow your lead. I wish I had learned about nutrition at home, but you have that opportunity to share the message and set your children and household up for success when it comes to diet and lifestyle.
Next, grab the starter kit- both nutrition guide and alopecia guide will help you tackle every area of your life to improve your health and hair from the inside out.
Reducing sugar and inflammation will also calm any moods swings you experience yourself or from children. The sugar high is real. Avoid it and keep everyone less stressed this holiday season, by avoiding as much sugar as possible. Reduce alcohol consumption as this too- is pure sugar.
Holidays are great- make them memorable, but don't add the sugar load, to your health because at the end, you will pay for it with gaining weight, more hair loss and inflammation.
Need more help to get started on the right track towards better health? Grab coaching sessions, so I can tell you exactly what you need to do - step by step- to get you on your path to hair and health.
There's nothing better than getting a custom fit to your health needs!
Cheers in advance to a wonderful holiday season! I know you can demonstrate the discipline needed and your children will notice and also follow suit. They use parents as examples. Be the example for you and them.

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