How Your Convenience Mindset is Hurting Your Hairloss and Hair Growth

Oct 13, 2020
Our society breeds convenience, we love it! We cannot live without it! And when we have a problem, any problem, we want answers, results and solutions, pronto! (like yesterday)
I get that, and I understand completely.
However there is a line between convenience and actual (long term) results. There are sometime solutions that are really band aids that seem like solutions but leave you dissatisfied and upset since it didn't work, or the problem, in this case hairloss, has come back.
Many times, people who start off with hairloss or alopecia go straight to the dermatologist or primary doctor. (Normal reaction for many.)
Unfortunately the prescriptions are not long term results, and the solution is a meer mirage at best when using medicine to solve the hairloss problem.
If we were to look at society as a whole and the advent of convenience we see that this has been a habit, almost indoctrinated since early childhood.
Convenience takes a toll on us, and consequently has numerous ramifications for our health.
I, like many, learned the hard way, and many others are still chasing their tales with creams, shampoos, laser helmets, and other things to help the hairloss but clients keep coming to me, saying none of it works. So now they are open to diet and lifestyle since these other products have not given them any results.
A client on a coaching session mentioned she was using Monat shampoo- however she also was unaware of the lawsuits against them for causing hairloss.
What if I told you that the only way, the only answer to solving alopecia would be to change diet and lifestyle? The thought that one pill will do it, or taking X vitamin is the answer is incorrect and leading you down a path of dissatisfaction, hopelessness and more hairloss... rather if you were open to change and some permanent modifications in diet and lifestyle you could be seeing new hair growth, less hair loss in less time, and filling it in with hair growth. YES the holy grail that you seek- hair growth. Real results in supporting your health.
Please do not fall for gimmicks. You need to put in the work to reap the results.
I guarantee that- and guarantee transformation in health and hair with my program if you follow it correctly 100% - real results take work and effort.
The commitment to self improvement and health is needed. A crash diet for a couple weeks or months won't work. Diet alone actually won't work either.
On a call yesterday with a new client, she had told me she was doing X diet and I reviewed her food journal and found many areas for improvement, not just for her health, but for her hair. Following any diet also has its pros and cons, maybe there's too much leeway, or we undoubtedly choose what's easiest for us within the boundaries given... with a coach and someone to set you on the right path, the choices are tailored just for you! Maybe that's why the million diet books on the store shelves really don't make a dent to the growing obesity/ health crisis we see in many countries. We always choose what's convenient.
A couple modifications in lifestyle won't work either.
Think of it this way, you take a bath with the same dirty water from the day before and it keeps accumulating.. that's how convenient "change" is for you... you resist the modifications, its easier to keep the old water in the tub and reuse it instead of draining, cleaning and bringing in new water. We need to change that convenience mindset so that you can see the results that last and stay! For good.
Convenience. Yes, convenience has gotten the best of you, your health and your hair. We as a society have not paid attention to our health, and now its suffering. Disease doesn't sprout overnight, although it may seem this way. It accumulates like the dirty water in the tub, until it overflows one day and creates a flood. The disease has now affected you in multiple ways, on various levels; just the like the water has flooded out from the bathroom to other rooms and even other floors of the house.
The resistance has consequences.
If we don't change then we won't see results. You can hire a personal trainer but that doesn't mean you automatically obtain the physique or the ab definition- this is something to work on and it takes time and effort. (80% is diet)
The promise of diet and lifestyle is life changing. Not only can you see where you have gone wrong, but you learn the exact areas for improvement, for you specifically.
In speaking to someone about her alopecia during a free consultation, this lady, mentioned she was obese and had lots of trauma. Over the 40 years she had AU and was not only skeptical of diet and lifestyle but thought it was more "snake oil". I asked her, how do you know its snake oil if you have not made it a priority at all over countless years?
I cannot say it enough, once we focus on our health, all areas seemingly get better at the same time. This lady had put aside her diet and lifestlye and she too thought that she would get the miracle cure from a bottle, helmet or some other costly treatment. When in reality, what's costing her pain, suffering, health and total hairloss, is the diet and lifestyle which she never bothered to look at or wanted to change.. because guess what, there is comfort in convenience. There is comfort in staying the same way and living the same way.
Its convenient not to change. Its comfortable to eat and live the same way. But is the hairloss really THAT comfortable? Is Alopecia comforting or convenient ? For me it wasn't. It was awful and had I known to undo this, I would have immediately without looking back. Thankfully I got results after more than two years but you do not have to wait this long... in less than 8 weeks your hair could be coming back like my clients experience with the Signature Program.
If you never thought diet and lifestyle could affect you and your hairloss, then think again.
A client who did my Signature Program came to me with her concern of female pattern baldness, also known as AGA (androgenic alopecia). She too was obese, but she had tried many things, including PRP, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and medicine for over 7 years and so much more. She was exhausted searching for and trying new things that clearly didn't help or work.
With her discipline and with only 4 weeks into the program, she saw hair growth on the crown of her head. She was utterly amazed. This is the beauty of diet and lifestyle, with small changes, we can see health sprout, we can see how our body wants to do us right, but we also need to do it right as well. Learning to support the body and implementing those changes- garners results. I have seen countless transformations.
No gimmick or laziness will work unless the work is put in place. The work and effort of bringing diet and lifestyle into balance, for you, for long term results, and long term health.
Many times we "know" what to do, and yet we don't do it. Or what we think we "know" is incorrect for someone with alopecia or hairloss. Or maybe we have no clue and assume we are healthy, when in reality there are nearly hundreds of ways to improve. Even in my clients who are vegan, vegetarian and also the meat eaters, there is always room to improve. I have helped numerous nurses, personal trainers and nutritionists, all to help shed more light on how to treat and heal from alopecia. Education is great, but just because you have one area of expertise doesn't mean you can apply that knowledge to other areas automatically. That's why there are specialists. And my specialty is alopecia.
Another client during our coaching session had admitted that she was doing drugs, and binge drinking on weekends. She was in her late 40's, a mother of 2 kids and she felt she was fine, knew things could improve but was still hesitant to change. Until one day, the hairloss she experienced got to a breaking point in her life. She had been dealing with alopecia for over 15 years. She got to a point where she wanted to change and yet felt that it was hard to let go of this lifestyle, of "who she was", of her environment, of her friends that were clearly creating this unhealthy environment.
Healthy changes bring healthy results. You may be "fine" for now, but what about in 5 years, 10 years or 20? Those diet and lifestyle changes could have saved you money and time and energy from doctor visits, complications with something else gone wrong and perhaps extended your life expectancy and also provided you with a QUALITY of life versus quantity in years...
Who wants to live to 80 and be unhealthy? (No one I don't think- this is why these life lessons and learnings are critical to implement now)
How many of you know people who are in their 70's or 60's and absolutely miserable in health? Miserable because their diet and lifestyle choices have served them up a plate of reality, decreasing their health all around, each year, maybe each month getting worse.
Its hard to feel empathy or sorry when they themselves had the choice and power to do better. We all have the choice and power to do better. We just need to learn how.
I look at my grandma and she's 84, quick and feisty, drives a car and has zero prescriptions. She has healed from her thyroid issues, fibromyalgia and also from her diverticulitis all with diet and lifestyle. Talk about smart, disciplined and resilient. We can all be this way, regardless of what life diagnosis we carry, we can help ourselves by supporting the basic foundation first.
There is no quick Drive Through to success nor is there a quick way to any achievements, it's really all about time and effort, consistency and mindset.
Whether that's with getting in shape, getting healthy, graduating college, reversing alopecia or even conceiving a baby, all the elements need to be there for it to happen. If one factor or element is missing, you may not pass the grade, graduate, or achieve that next milestone.
This part has got to be the hardest for many, but I tell you with the right direction, we can shorten the time towards health, create a strategy for success and also identify the factors that might be holding you back. When you work with someone who's gone down the road of trying a bunch of things, and only found results in changes to support the body, heal the body and thrive, then the blueprint is there, the guide is there and all you need to do is copy and paste. Learn and apply. Implement and thrive.
I've touted before the 90% success rate with the Signature Program. This stands true, and it stands true whether you are male, female, a child, teen, black, white, Hispanic, European, Australian, Chinese, Asian, African or anything else in this world. (Yes I get asked that a lot as if Alopecia discriminates, which it doesn't- but neither does healing :)
By week 4, 5 or 6 most people see hair growth. Turn around times and transformation can happen quickly. A little effort goes a long way, and many times the changes are not big, rather subtle.
Healing is possible. Question is, are you ok leaving some convenience behind, and committing to yourself, committing to your health and hair the right way? Are you ready for the transformation, for health and long term hair growth?
Next program is January 2, 2021. registration opens November 30. Submit your info to ensure you get priority in registering.

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