Kick Alopecia Good Bye with these Traits for Success

Jan 10, 2019
We are not born with all the best qualities, however many wonderful traits and qualities, can be learned, practiced and implemented to enhance, enrich and create a more well rounded self; better prepared for what the future holds.
When it arrived, Alopecia, was a new challenge and a new puzzle in which I needed to problem solve.
"What gets you here, doesn't get you there"- Many times I've heard this saying and had to revisit my tools of research, perseverance and my tenacity to stick it through, until I finally began to see traction, and constant normal growth and shedding. All in all it took me 18+ months to get the "right formula" and now, in remission, I am happy to help others who are also going through this obstacle course of ups and downs with hairloss.
After reading a corporate article about how to succeed in 2019, I saw that it applied extremely well to health, and the journey in which each person undergoes. Whether you are figuring out alopecia for a loved one, or have been battling it yourself for many years, I hope you take action and take heart into these characteristics in order to get to the next step, needed in your progress. I am grateful for my alopecia, as its taught me so many wonderful new things, and in turn, I am grateful to share and help others, through their journey to full health and hair.
1. Give Up on the Unhealthy Lifestyle
There's really no if's, and's or but's about this one. When you have an autoimmune disease, you need to take higher precautions with your health and be more regimented about it. Cheat days do not exist! Cheat days will only bring about more symptoms and negative effects. Healthy lifestyle is part of my holistic plan to healing. From the gut to the follicle. To relationships, stress, lifestyle and much more. Begin with diet, increase sleep, increase water and low impact exercise. I have so many more detailed steps and recommendations in my book.
2. Give Up on the Short Term Mindset
Health- true health is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no quick fix to a healthy weight loss or great health. Take note, that each bite, each action and each level of commitment brings you closer to your ultimate goal. In retrospect, I celebrated my small wins with smiles and laughter. Something that faded along with my hairline when alopecia entered my life. A little sign that things were getting better, gave me encouragement and hope. I too, give encouragement and hope during coaching and training. Anyone can heal. Anyone can get better and reverse their health for the better. Action and effort are requirements. Participation is a must.
3. Give Up on Playing Small
Healing your health from the inside out to get the hair and vibrancy you are looking for, takes an "all in" approach. That's right, 100% of your effort, patience and love. If you don't do it for yourself, than think of those around you. Ideally, if you take care of yourself, you are also demonstrating a level of care and love to those around you, being the best version of yourself, inside and outside. We have one life- live it to the fullest, as your BEST SELF. As your healthiest self. Hair growth, and smooth nail beds are beautiful side effects of healing from the inside out.
4. Give Up On Your Excuses
I want to help those who want amazing health. Who are willing to grow and change and know that its all in their best interest to do so. Hesitance, comfort zones and excuses are not allowed. Choose YOU. Choose to be the BEST YOU. EVERYTIME.
I, could have given up 12 months into trials and errors, but I KNEW that I could heal. I knew I would get my hair back. I knew, I could be the epitome of health for me. I knew this "episode" of hairloss was not my destiny, rather an annoying roadblock and detour. A detour to my passion and path, in helping you reach the top of health and hair.
5. Give Up the Fixed Mindset
Things change, including what you eat, listen to, workout and who you hang around with. Life is constantly evolving and changing. If you don't seem to embrace the new: the new that leads you into a better way of life, a healthier version of yourself or the constant little reminders to do things or try things in a different manner, than you remain stagnant, and in your current state, with hairloss, and alopecia and perhaps it's worsened over the weeks, months, and years. Stop the hamster wheel, and take action, try something new. ... go back to # 2-4 and reread those characteristics. The way you used to do things is clearly not working. Switch it up.
6. Give up Believing in the "Magic Bullet"
I like this one. A lot. As many people struggling with Alopecia and hairloss, online and in forums, are adamant about trying pills and potions, that if they saw the negative side effects, or saw the long term strategy behind it, or the true efficacy, then they would stop immediately. (I hope at least, for their sake) There is no quick fix, no special pill or medication. Hence, that's why conventional Doctors say there is no cure. Because not one pill, gives the same results to healing.
Going holistic, does give results... leading you to better health and hair. You need to fix the inside before the outside can shine. Fruit tress are planted and years later they bare fruit... not the other way around. Its a process, but I guarantee, that going natural and holistic, will only set you up for increased health, knowledge and empowerment, for you and those around you- regardless of them having alopecia or not.
You can not have a junk food diet and expect to do well in school, or during a marathon. Same, reasoning, you cannot have a life filled with junk (food, environment, lifestyle) and just medicate yourself to supreme health. It doesn't work that way.
7. Give Up on Saying YES to things that don't support your goal
I have friends from all walks of life, and love them all. But I also prefer to do things beneficial for my health with friends- from playing volleyball, working out, bike riding, or grabbing a matcha latte. I have friends who smoke and drink, but I opt out of hanging out with them during those times, because I am not a drinker, and hate the smoking. Choose what's best for you, in every situation. Find ways to say yes to things that spark joy and don't compromise on your authentic self or healthy new self. You will be much more respected when honest boundaries are set, so everyone knows and those that love you will support and respect you.
8. Give up the Toxic People
Wow. Amazing results come when you separate the negativity in your life. It's actually instant. Presto! (New Light shines in--- insert Choir music.)
There's no need to stay in contact with people (family, partners, friends, coworkers, classmates, etc) when they bring you down. When all they do is complain and belittle or worse, disrespect you.
Easy ways to start? Have an open conversation if possible. If not, being a little drastic if warranted- if you think you need it. Change your number and maybe your address. Stop returning calls, emails, texts. Block people. Ignore people. Work with toxic people? Look for a new job, or switch departments, positions. There's always a way... just find a way that fits you best. How does this effect Alopecia? Toxic People cause stress. Less is more. Enough said.
9. Give Up Your Need to Be Liked
Going through healthy lifestyle changes isn't always popular.
I get slack from family as I prefer to pass on conventional fruits and veggies, I don't touch the grains or pastas and am picky about the type of meat I eat. Grass fed only please, pasture raised eggs please. This lifestyle doesn't fit everyone. However, it fits me and my health. That's really something you cannot put a price on = Health. I prefer to pay more in organic foods than in doctor visits. I prefer to pay more for quality meats, vitamins and supplements, than pay the price years later. Nutrition, diet and health isn't taught to us in school. My long journey though, along with this crash course in Alopecia, has definitely made me change my thoughts, mindset and lifestyle regarding ultimate health. Everyday I continue to learn, educate and thrive. I wish this for you too! More than likely, many people will end up coming to you for recommendations and tips after you take my course or training.
10. Give Up Wasting Time
I believe this may go hand in hand with excuses (#4). The time is now... yesterday no longer exists and tomorrow is unknown. You have now to make the changes you want to see in your life and in health. Just like investing money or putting away money for retirement, you need to invest in YOU, in your self care, In your health. If you have children or families, do it also for them. Your loved ones want to see you at your best... and I do too. Its really quite simple... again, it takes full participation, effort and patience. BUT, with my help, we can do this together.
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