Kickstarting the Healing Process + Help your Alopecia in less than 2 months

Nov 27, 2018
As many of you know, my healing journey and process took about 2 years of trial and error. I now can offer some simplified suggestions to kickstart your healing process and get going on improving your health, reducing inflammation and healing your alopecia from the inside out.
Turbo charge your time and be strict with the following recommendations, your health and hair depend on it!
1. Evaluate Diet
Incorporate inflammation fighting foods and take out all fast food, junk food, processed food, grains, dairy and gluten. Eat clean. Take out all caffeine and alcohol for the next two months. This will jumpstart the healing process and allow your body to recover from all the damage.
2. Sleep
Sleep more. Ensure you are getting your 8 hours. Ensure quality sleep by taking out all electronics from bedroom, including TV. Turn off WIFI and routers from your house at night, make sure there is no noise and there is complete darkness in your bedroom.
3. Detox from Negativity
Yes, stay away from the Negative news, people and issues that elevate your stress. If your stress comes from work, take a vacation. If your stress comes from finances, seek help and advice. If stress comes from relationships and family, then adjust accordingly. Try to minimize the stress as much as possible. Keep drama and chaos at bay. Many times, its our perspective that creates stress; view things from another lens and perhaps the overwhelming will be much more simplified.
4. Exercise
There are too many studies to count on the benefits of daily. exercise. During this time of healing, detoxing and de-stressing, opt for low key exercise like long walks, bicycling, yoga, pilates, or dance. Calm your nervous system and adrenals a bit by forgoing Cross Fit, marathons, or anything overly strenuous or taxing on your body.
5. Manage your Stress
I could write another blog post on managing stress alone. Its a biggie and a huge issue for most people. Stress is not a feeling, rather its a vicious cycle of "flight or fight" in which our body turns on automatically and off. In order to turn off these stress responses, we need to proactively breath, eat, live, commune, and be present. Its not an overnight activity, its a constant, mindful practice. Mediation can help, being grateful also helps, starting a journal, mindful practices, giving of yourself to others can also help. There are so many ways to lower stress including sleeping!
6. Alopecia Angel
Alopecia Angel began as a resource for myself and others, to heal from Alopecia naturally and holistically. Since I didn't find results in conventional medicine I went the holistic route. I wasn't born with Alopecia, and I know, if I was healthy before, I could be healthy again. I believe the same to be true for you and everyone else dealing with Alopecia.
Therefore, I have written a comprehensive book on healing with in depth knowledge on supplements, vitamins and action steps. I also offer group coaching, classes, retreats and community.
I searched for this same community in other areas and never found it. Embrace the Alopecia Angel community, as there is hope for all going through hair loss. Medications are not the answer, however long term health and healing is the key to overall improving your health and hair. This isn't a fad diet, rather its a lifestyle. The only constant is change. If you can commit to your health, than you will see results.
The above action steps will propel you further, get you going on your journey to healing. Many of my clients, see results in less than 2 months, others in 3-4; regardless of time, know that you can heal. Alopecia is different for each person, however targeting alopecia in a holistic and full spectrum manner creates better possibilities, and overall improvements in health. Autoimmune diseases don't happen over night, so healing won't be over night, but with determination, knowledge and patience, you can see your health and hair improve dramatically!

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