More Than Just Hair

Dec 09, 2019
Hair growth isn't the only way you heal from alopecia.
There are other traits and symptoms that go along with alopecia and this autoimmune disease. It can range from digestive issues, to quality of hair and nails, to overall health, brain fog, fatigue, constipation, depression, memory loss, anxiety and so much more. It's a full body attack on your system and body. Reversing and relieving alopecia is possible, but takes a full whole program to do so.
My "health" before alopecia is a facade to what it is now. Today, I am much more aware, much more intuned, mindful, resilient and truly thriving as I have never known- my hair is thicker, softer and more manageable than it was during alopecia. During Alopecia it seems my whole body was out of whack, and not in a healthy place. Hair elasticity changed, along with curl structure, porosity and texture. Nails changed and even my reaction to certain foods changed too.
Just because you reached your hair regrowth goals doesn't mean you can just sit there and do nothing and carry on as normal. As with all goals, constant action takes you further, not just maintenance of the situation. If you've lost the last 10 pounds, you need to maintain you new lifestyle to keep those pounds off, correct? Having alopecia, healing and reversing and then maintaining it for long term health and hair are all different processes connected and interlinked.
Many times when we are facing a health concern or issue other areas of our body are gravely affected like hormones, thyroid, weight, anxiety and depression. It's all linked! When going through an Autoimmune disease, in this case alopecia, it's more than just hair. Your body is completely affected. Brain and all. Noticing the signs, noticing the changes is about self awareness and getting the help you need to improve that area and optimize.
During Alopecia, it was the worst time for my hair- not just losing it but also because it became incredibly dry and straw like over night. Looking back, I am grateful for the journey to be able to share and help you through it as well. I get reminders, success stories, updates and pictures of results that keep me going. When I get a client who sends me words of gratitude or something nice, then I know, I must keep going, because I am helping others and because I am so passionate about healing alopecia. I know how it is to be in that situation. I know how it feels, completely lonely and isolating, somewhat lost and nervous about losing hair and thinking that everything I am doing is correct. This is the biggest misnomer. We believe we are doing everything right and its not. Believe me, I've been there too!
I had another client who recently sent me pics of her regrowth. She had about 75% hairloss and now she is almost fully back to normal. How outstanding right? It's incredible to touch people's lives and do so regardless of where they live.
Through my own experiences, research and coming out reversing my own alopecia (without doctor's help, because their only help is a prescription) I can truly say that you too can do this. You too can can get the results. Whether or not its from me or someone else... you can reverse alopecia.
Just like getting in shape, or taking on a new sport or hobby, you don't get good at it until after a little time spent on it. For some its less than 3 months, others a little more. We are all different. Know that healing is possible with CHANGE. If you don't make long lasting changes you will continue to see issues arise or delayed hair growth and healing. One client tends to "cheat" and when you do this, the results are impeded and delayed. The complete hair growth takes longer -- you are stopping it with cheating and it takes time for it to continue again.
I know some of you have more than one autoimmune disease. This program targets them with the diet and lifestyle component. The determination and effort is all on you. I provide the education, the books, the coaching, and other services.
Heal for yourself. Heal for your family. Heal for your future.
I am starting a 30 Day Challenge on New Years Day. Learn more and join me on this challenge, together we can get you starting 2020 with the right tools, recipes, advice and encouragement to challenge you to be better for improved health and hair growth!

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