Regrowth in Alopecia: The White Hairs, Grey Hairs and Baby Hairs

Apr 16, 2019
I believe I was 22 when I first saw my first grey hair. Some say stress, others says genetics but now as I look back I know it was definitely the stress, poor diet, lack of self care, lack of sleep and so much more.
When I was going through Alopecia, my patches were getting bigger, like crop circles, the shedding was non stop and thinning out profusely. I never saw clumps of hair come out till then.
The regrowth was quite remarkable. All in stages, almost orchestrated... with slow periods and fast periods of regrowth. All my secrets can be found in my first book!
I was so astonished at the quantity of grey hairs that had cropped up while losing my hair. They have now all changed colors for the most part. The new regrowth can begin by growing out white, like fluff and baby hair, later obtaining the melanin they need to produce color in your hair, whether that is grey or brown, blond, red, or black. Melanin is dependent on many factors, including diet, age, genetics and how much your own body produces. So in fact, you may get grey hair and that might change color, but you also might get hair that grows normally with full color as a normal strand.
Regrowth can start in different areas of the head. Many times the last bit of hair that needs to grow in, is exactly where you found your first spot. Regrowth happens in stages, not simultaneously.
During Alopecia, I was in tunnel vision mode; extremely concerned about the bald spots I couldn't see in the back of my head- that I didn't notice the receding hairline in front of me, or the baby hairs that had gone away and always crowned my face.
Interestingly enough, they too came back.
It all came back!
Like Spring from a dead, cold, winter. So much hair that I didn't realize the areas I was losing. To my surprise, now that all my hair is back, less grey thankfully, more color, and tons of baby wisps and hairs all surrounding my face. Some parts of my head has hair that is 2-3 inches long, like those surrounding my face, other areas of hair regrowth are 4-7 inches long.
This is normal.
Regrowth happens in stages. As I mentioned in other posts, hair has a 100 day cycle. So you cannot expect all hair to grow at once, as each follicle is on their own schedule.
However, following my program, healing from the inside out will expedite your growth and healing process. Because that's what you want.. more hair, less time, more healing, no more alopecia or hair loss.
Stay the course and you too can see the health improvements and results.
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