The Problem is the Blessing : How Alopecia Became a Blessing For Me and Why It's One for You Too

Mar 03, 2021
When you think about or talk about your alopecia- what are the first things to come to mind? Would you ever think that problems are a blessing? Or that this hairloss is actually teaching you something?
While I was in the thick of it... in the thick of alopecia... I didn't see this as a blessing, I saw it as a challenge. I was always wondering, "what is this teaching me" and what do I need to learn to overcome it?
In the beginning of my alopecia, I saw signs, that my body was going into shock, distress and performing or not performing in ways I hadn't experienced before. I shrug them off, I didn't think seeing a doctor was necessary and even if I did, what could they do? There was still no apparent alopecia lurking.. there was no diagnosis... just the beginnings of my body telling me something was a miss.
Throughout my ordeal, trauma and distress with alopecia.. I kept the faith. I kept the faith that something was going to give, that I would get my hair back, that health was around the corner... yes I would say, healing started with my mindset. I wasn't going to give up nor give in. I was on a mission to figure this out. I wanted to uncover this puzzle  and trace back what happened as to avoid a future episode. And that's exactly what I did!
In my quest for healing, I did try conventional medicine. My instincts shunned it quickly letting me know this was not the answer nor the path. My instincts kept me looking forward, over the horizon because one day, I wanted to be a mother and I knew I didn't want to compromise my fertility for hairloss medications- especially those that don't have guarantees, or any results long term, which I may include, are known to hinder fertility, and other areas of health in the body- just read the side effects and risk....  No thank you!
My decision to go natural and holistic, supporting my body, has been the key to my success and that of my clients, but also has led me down a path of least resistance and also to optimal health. Least resistance... and letting go of the HOW to embrace the actual results of hair health and permanent growth.
Since alopecia, my performance, mind body and spirit is at its highest.. and the best its ever been. In the process of healing I came across books on mental health, brain health, fighting diseases of all types, including cancer and learning how to prevent them all. Helping myself has led me to help others, family, friends, clients and customers all around the world. Had it not been for my alopecia, Alopecia Angel would not exist.
Honestly, when I saw how cost effective, streamlined, natural and organic healing alopecia can be, I knew I had to share my findings with those who were battling it too. It would be unfair and selfish to hide it, and to carry on with my life like nothing had happened. Selfish because all I saw were negative forums filled with despair, bitterness and hopelessness posted online about alopecia and this "disease" when in reality, it can be a positive light in your life. Many times its the struggle that brings the biggest amount of joy at the end... anyone who's gone through labor knows this! Its the pain that allows for the triumph of birthing a baby! Anyone who's overcome a challenge understands the depths of this too.
I just finished an interview on a podcast today, and we spoke about alopecia and how many times the lessons in life are just recycled and given to you in different ways and forms until YOU. LEARN. THE. LESSON. Or it can be that this diagnosis is taking you on another path, but at the end there is so much growth and evolution.
Health is much more than just hair, its mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and also a deeper sense of peace and contentment. You know what I mean... when you see someone super healthy in and out, they radiate don't they? That's how I wanted to be always... and I was, or at least I though I was until my diagnosis- then I learned better. I did better. And now, not only do I have my hair back, but my health and the permanent glow of peace. That inner peace, that glow is available to you too my friend!
My "health" in all its forms including fertility, has been upgraded.
In my clients, I see joint pain go away in less than 10 days, back acne that was there for more than 2 decades disappear in less than 3-4 weeks, body odor that has been bothering clients for over 10 years, go away magically in just a few weeks. Optimism, positivity, a new way of living, eating and being has allowed so many clients to surpass their expectations, get their hair growing and also relinquish the pain, the suffering, the depression, the eczema, the psoriasis, the anxiety and renew their love and passion for life.
Seeing is believing, but in my experience believing that its possible is the first step. Deep down I know you know you can heal.. so what's stopping you?
We have the opportunity to view things as blessings in disguise or problems that we allow to affect us in every way possible. We either play the victim, or become investigators and advocates in our own health.
There is always a choice.
Maybe, just like me you cannot see it while you are in it, but more than half way through it, I began to see all the learnings, all the findings, all the possibilities for renewed health and opportunities to live my best life. And I know you can too. I know your best life awaits you, I know you have the courage and power to make the choice to believe that this is teaching you something greater than anything else has until now.
Sometimes the lessons are the hardest
The lessons we learn are sometimes the hardest we have to face.. the hardest ones give us the best lessons, and force us to make the changes necessary, although at times painful, its through this pain we are able to power up and muster up ourselves to  get through this.
The pain point is actually the driver towards the tenacity needed to never give up. To not believe the naysayers or even doctors, to not give away your power.
I knew there was a better way and it not only was possible for me, but the same method was used for others, hundreds of others. Why not you?
See alopecia in a new light, see the possibilities of life lessons you need to learn. Without my diagnosis, I wouldn't be where I am today, fulfilled, helping others, healthy, with loads of hairgrowth, inner peace, healthy on all levels and fertile as can be in my 40's.
But don't take my word for it, read the other testimonials and success stories that abound from the Alopecia Angel method. Healing is possible, and at the end of the day, its also a blessing in disguise. Take a new perspective on illness and take action steps to course correct. There is no better time like the present to be ALL IN with your health and Hair growth goals.
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