The TOP 6 Things Clients Tell Me About Alopecia

Sep 23, 2021


I love my clients... I love seeing results in families, adults, and children alike. It is so SATISFYING to speed up the process for them .. something that no one help me do, something that only after three hard years was I barely able to see sprouting of new hair growth.... 


My clients around the world, all face the same situation- hairloss.... Something that we CAN overcome.. something I want to make known worldwide because there is no need to be in pain, there is no need for tears, trauma or feeling less than... this all can be resolved.... 

What do they tell me? 

  • I wish I’d known that there was another way. Because believe it or not-- there is! You have other choices beyond what the regular doctor or beyond what your dermatologist want you to believe. Just because they don't have all the answers does not mean there is not another option, another door, another possibility to help you! Many times we have to look outside the box and learn from those who have accomplished this! 
  • I wish I’d known the pros and cons of the treatment before agreeing to it . This is a big one, because in our desperation of finding healing, finding a cure, and getting our hair back, we will do ANYTHING to get our hair, right? But what we many times overlook are the negative side effects and long term impairments on our health because we chose and accepted a certain prescription or fell into the speciality shampoo cycle, clutching to it like security blanket. Many soon realize that the torment of these "band aids" have more emotional backlash than any progress they would see physically which leads to more downward spirals of emotions and lac of belief that healing is possible. Additionally, parents too, sometimes overlook the long term side effects hampering their child's health unknowingly. Not the parents fault but also, how can you blame them when the system is giving you 10 minutes tops for a doctors visit? As a parent myself, all I want is for my children to be healthy and will do anything to help them, but here's the catch... prescriptions, steroids and "adult" medicine won't heal and won't help. If anything, it will set them back for years to come with all the risks that they have. 
  • I wish I’d known that what I was experiencing or how I felt was normal.  What you feel, mind, body and spirit is ABSOLUTELY normal and CONNECTED to alopecia. Do not think that your other symptoms are not connected, because they are... all of them... your body is ONE and because of that, it does not work solo or in silos, its all connected and that's key to know. This is why many times when you visit hundreds of specialists, it won't go anywhere because they themselves don't talk to each other and everyone has their own idea of what's going on. No one is looking at root causes because its not taught! 
  • ...That I was not alone. You are not alone, but also surrounding yourself with the right community is imperative. Being with a positive and mindful group is necessary to cheer each other on and help each other get through this. Its taxing not only on the alopecian but also on the loved ones around... since they most likely don't know how to help, how to support or how to even put themselves in your shoes... trust me on this-- I was an alopecian and felt extremely isolated as never before... on my own island with no help or understanding. I went to forums, I went to associations and only saw negativity, bitterness, hate towards people who were recovering and seeing hair growth. No one believed in holistic, no one wanted to embrace a natural way to heal... Many groups are funded by Big Pharma which of course, want to test drive all their latest drugs on you like guinea pigs... ya no thanks! You have a choice. 
  • ...That nothing was wrong with me . Let me tell you that it's not you.. promise... its everything around you....... alopecia is not your destiny, or fate, this is just a stop in your journey of life and this is something you can overcome, you can heal from this. This is your opportunity to see "what this is teaching you" vs. "why is this happening to you" -- life happens for us...  and not to us..... and I am one that albeit the struggle was real and hard.. I am grateful for it now, it's taught me SO much, so much about health, about hair, about life, giving back and creating positivitiy out of a challenging experience. 
  • ...That there were resources and options out there for me.  YES of course there are, that's why I am here to help and show you the way - I've been there...struggled myself with hair loss and my mission is to help others reverse alopecia in less time, offering less heartache, less struggle, less depression, less anxiety, more solutions, more hope, more alternatives,  more power to their healing process and MORE RESULTS. (see success stories)

Trust the process and those that have gone before you with results on head and body... healing is not just for the "special" ones-- but is your birthright... we just need to unlearn what society thinks is healthy or the way to heal alopecia and relearn the Alopecia Angel Method--- proven for results in less time! 





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