What to Avoid to Have the Best Hair and Life

Nov 30, 2021
Its already December.. for many its an uneasy time of year, as we re-cap what we’ve done, what we have accomplished and also the things we didn’t get to do or perhaps didn’t go as planned. 
December could also be a time to look at resolutions and future goals. 
I love to review the year, the months, and the challenges of the past 12 months and see if I made progress in learning from mistakes or simply just found a better way to do things. 
As I see friends and family during the holiday season there is something I see that dramatically changes lives for the better. 
Something that could change your life and even the outcome of your hair growth! 
Over the years it becomes really apparent, who did this and who didn’t! 
Something that washes away all regret, guilt and shame, or at least prevents it…  (Yup, that’s possible)
Something that pushes you into the confidence zone of genius that reassures every decision you’ve made, knowing it was the right one. (100 % Guaranteed) 
What is this elusive thing? 
It's to Never Settle. 
I see those who settle in their lives live without meaning, without zest without fulfillment, without gratitude… its almost as they just “accepted” and “made do with” their life as if it was handed down to them;  many unhappy, many faking it.. telling themselves a big lie.  As time passes this becomes very apparent as the luster fades, and the incremental burden of not living to your full potential or full capacity of happiness weighs heavier.
It's a big lie to assume or think that “this is it”, or “this is the best they can do” , that they will “settle” for what life gives them. 
NOTE: We are given certain things in life, but decision, consequences and control still tilt and lean over 85% in our favor and in our realm of possibilities through action. 
Meaning we can adjust our life to our needs. We can create the life we envisioned! No need to ask for permission. 
There are so many areas in life in which many conform and just settle. But did you know there was more to life then accepting something that  you are handed? 
We should never settle, and the sooner you understand why, the sooner you will be living your best life, on your terms. 
This common theme translates into life, work, love, friendships, alopecia treatments and so much more. 
It translates over to hair and to every aspect of your life. 
Alert: Making the decision to not do more is a decision. 
When you settle you are saying to the universe that you don’t love yourself enough to expect more, to get better, to do better.  
In hair though, settling means, that you believe all the nonsense that is being said about "no hope in growing your hair back." 
Settling when it comes to growing your own hair, also comes from a place of not believing that its possible for YOU. 
Yes you’ve seen the success stories, yes you have heard the testimonials but for some reason you don’t think it's possible for YOU. 
The problem with that belief, is that is holds you back, it robs you from your Current potential and Future potential. 
See, we do things now for our present self and future self. When I go running, its to help my immediate health and also my future health. My future self will look back and be grateful that I went running 2 weeks ago and kept going even if I was tired, even if I didn’t feel like it, etc.. because fast forward 2 weeks, the future self, is grateful, healthier and happier. This is a small example of what we can do now to have and create healthier and happier lives. To not settle means our future self won’t be upset if we didn’t reach our goals, we can almost guarantee a happier self when we take action now. 
When I choose to not settle, I help my current self get what it wants, but my future self is also thankful because the outcome of not settling means there is a better outcome and solution. If I settle today, not only do I disappoint my present self but my future self gets stuck to this outcome and maybe holds a grudge, thinks about the past all day long, or the would have, could have and should have mental chatter ensues. When you take a stand today to not settle, your future self thanks you for that and in turn both the current and future self are at peace, happier and living life on their terms. 
Settling steals your joy, takes away the hope and throws you into the pain and suffering of not having.. not having hair, not having health, not having more gumption to pursue what you want. 
We all have choices when we are diagnosed with alopecia.. 
What will you choose? 
As the new year approaches, I encourage you to take inventory of everything that you want and have not achieved. 
Not to be sad about.. but to be excited about as these become your new goals of today.. we are not waiting till 2022… we are planning now. 
Lets plan on the hair you know you can grow which has yet to come and remain. Lets start to anticipate good things, great endeavors and wonderful achievements. 
Many great achievements happened without anyone paving the way… healing alopecia has already been paved for you… so what are you waiting for? 
I encourage you to look towards true healing and make this new year the year you decide to not settle. 
Don’t settle for what others tell you is possible. 
Don’t settle for what people think around your hairloss.
Don’t settle for what you think can happen or won’t happen. 
Don’t settle for not obtaining your health and getting your hair back!!!!
I read the stories, I hear the heartbreak from everyone who contacts me.. you all want what I want.. you all want your OWN hair back. You want to feel like yourself again and maybe even better (for those who’ve done the program you know this happens almost immediately) 
Take a stand. Love yourself like your life is counting on it.. (because it really is) When you we love ourselves, we expect more, create more, do more and get the results we want… in ALL areas of life, marriage, work, health, hair and beyond! 
When you don’t settle you UPGRADE your life instantly. Yes I mean it- Instantly. 
When you don’t settle for sub par relationships, a dead end job or losing all your hair and say “No thank you to the option of settling” then thats when the fire is lit.. and there is no turning back… use that fire to fuel your tenacity, your awesomeness, your greatness and see yourself achieve what you want, just because it started with you loving yourself more and taking a stand for what you want. 
Hello better job, hello better relationships, hello happiness, HELLO HAIR GROWTH. 
Where you do want to be in 2022? Where do you want to go in 2022? What do you want to have, create and overcome? 
Reflect on this to make your health and hair a priority.. it will be the key to longevity, the key to happiness and the first steps in not settling. 
I’m here to help with all things hair.. we have so much more in store for you next year, I cannot wait to share. 
Blessings to you and your loved ones during this holiday season.. wishing everyone health, hair growth, and happiness.

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