You Need to Sacrifice Who You Were to Be the Person You Want to Be

May 28, 2019
I am no longer the same person I was 15 years ago, or even 5 years ago. Due to Alopecia, reading and researching topics of health in order to get my health and hair back, I no longer view certain things the same way.
My diet has changed, my habits have changed and even my priorities have shifted. It's true, after overcoming an illness, perspectives shift and even curiosity grows with each new learning, and new experience. In a podcast I was listening to, the speaker said, "you have to sacrifice the person who you are to be the person you want to be."
I never thought of it that way, but it's true.
You can't ever go back to unlearning education. To unlearning what's healthy for you and not. It then becomes a choice, to stay where you are, in your comfort zone, or to grow, shed the skin, and become a better human.
It's very easy to be in your same routine. In your same rut. In your same place of fear of not trying, something different. Something that actually takes more effort than popping pills or spreading creams onto your head. If only alopecia was that simple.
Many of my clients come to me, after having spent hundreds of dollars with no resolution or no change in condition. Many times after more than 2 , 10, 15 years of dealing with alopecia. Usually worse as time passes; normally alopecia does get worse if you don't take action.
They finally come to me, ready to make this one last attempt. Still skeptical, yet they are all in.
In less than 3-6 months, they are seeing results and can't believe it. Yes many changes are needed which become habits and even their routine is modified and jolted to increase healthier life options and healthier choices and habits.
They understand that change is challenging, but the results are well worth it. They understand that they have a choice; they can either continue to lose more hair, or they can stop the shedding, change their lifestyles and get healthy, once and for all. Once everything is in place, it's like an orchestra that has begun to play. Every ailment or concern including alopecia, heals and relieves itself. With my guidance, program, and encouragement, they are led to the path of remission and healing.
Through change, we can enhance our lives and those around us. The choice has always been within you to either hinder or help your health goals. What do you choose today?

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