Alopecia Totalis to Full Hair Growth - Case Study

Oct 27, 2020
There are many success stories within Alopecia Angel, most have completed the Signature Program and in this manner I am in contact with them to track their progress and success. However others, like Kari, are able to "Do It Yourself" through the guidance of my first book and/ or the Starter Kit. This mom was kind enough to send over her daughter's story and some pictures so you can see this little girl's transformation. I wanted to highlight this mom who has fought hard and persevered to get her daughter the help she needed to heal her alopecia. Much like all of us reading this now, our stories are not that much different.
Diagnosed at two years of age, she finally saw full hair growth at 5 years old.
The mom, and I had an interview about her journey, how it started and how it led her to Alopecia Angel. Her daughter lost her eyebrows and half her eyelashes. She started as alopecia areata and quickly went to alopecia totalis.
Alopecia Angel : How would you describe your experience with Alopecia Angel and the book?
MOM: I wish I had found Alopecia Angel years ago. My daughter went from Alopecia Totalis (just before she turned 2) and now at almost 5 years old she has total regrowth and is healthier than she has ever been before.  We had already had great success with hair growth through the natural approach of diet and lifestyle. The book confirmed what we believed and taught us even more about our health and treating autoimmune disease. It lays it all out there in one place and sure beats compiling the thousands of notes I had taken over the years. I consider it a guide book that my daughter can have forever to help her when she needs it.
Alopecia Angel: What would you say to any parent or adult that was on the fence? or skeptical of the Alopecia Angel method?
MOM: For us, if I had found Alopecia Angel first when she was first diagnosed, I would have signed up right away. We had already spent so much $ on different vitamins, doctors, blood tests, etc. This beats years of seeing different doctors taking notes when most of them don't deal with Alopecia specifically. Alopecia Angel has already spent the time figuring this out for us. She is literally an angel for compiling this information in her book and offering her program and coaching calls. I also think of it this way... if there was a "magic pill" that would make your hair grow back, wouldn't you pay just about any amount? Well Alopecia Angel is that "magic pill".
Alopecia Angel: This journey of almost 3 years has been tough I am sure... did you ever doubt that your child could heal?
MOM: There were times I doubted that we could heal her Alopecia. Especially when she was first diagnosed and her Dermatologist told us there was no cure. I've had people question our method of diet over the years and I could feel them judging our decision. But reading into Alopecia Angel's success stories including Johanna's really gave us the confidence we needed to continue living this healthy lifestyle. And wow has it paid off!
Alopecia Angel: What would you say to other parents/ adults who think that this is it.. that their child or their own alopecia has no other solution?
MOM: I would say not to accept Alopecia (in any form) and not to just "learn to live with it". Alopecia (and other Auto-Immune Diseases) are alarms telling your body that something isn't right inside. Not only will this allow inflammation to go down allowing hair to grow back but it will make you healthier than ever. There is an answer and there is a solution!
I love this story and love how this mom was so kind to share before and after pics and also take the time to answer some questions, because I understand that we all want proof, we all want more stories to believe its possible for us. But really, what is needed is that you believe in YOURSELF!! That you believe that YOU can do this and YOU can overcome alopecia, because you can. No one is stopping you but YOU.
I've mentioned this before, mindset and believing its possible starts from within. Hence, if you see naysayers and negative people saying no, its not possible, they are really telling you what they see for themself. It's unfortunate but true, we are not all positive and many of us doubt what we are capable of.. but you need to push through the negative self talk and the sabotage, I know you are not happy without hair. I know you want health... so push through... if you need help and guidance, I am here for you.
I would also like to add that going through alopecia as the adult versus the child with alopecia (with healthy parents) is very different.
Being the parent you can think clearly and be very motivated to help your child and do all the things needed in an organized manner. The Starter kit and the ebooks are great for the parents as is the Signature Program if they want more questions answered and to understand how to apply this to their child.
However in all honesty, if you are the adult who is personally going through alopecia, discipline is needed because you are doing this on your own, no parent to cook the meals for you or tell you what to do. I was there too, and understand that as an adult, small tasks become hard and trying to do too much at once is overwhelming.. the information in the books and starter kit is a lot to take in, its a lot to absorb and with all the other symptoms of alopecia from brain fog to fatigue, depression, anxiety and much more... its even hard to make breakfast, let alone get out of bed. I know, I've been there!
That's why the Signature Program is best for those who have more questions, those who want coaching included, those who need step by step, small pieces at a time, and those who want more guidance and hand holding as to not overwhelm their schedules or current situation too much.
If you have any questions I am happy to offer a free consultation. Let's talk and get you going towards health and hair growth!
I applaud this little girl, her mom's efforts and everyone else who has seen success with Alopecia Angel. (90% success rate) This is why Alopecia Angel exists, to help others like this mom and others like the many testimonials I share. Its through my own pain, frustration and heartache of losing hair and health that has made me want to give back to the alopecia community and let others know that a better way, the most efficient way, and only way of creating true long term results for treating and helping your hairloss comes from inside. Learn the in's and out's and you will see hairgrowth and health flourish!
Have a success story you would like to share? Let us know! We would love to highlight your efforts and celebrate your success.
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