Most Common Autoimmune Diseases

Mar 26, 2020
According to The Autoimmune Registry, the top 10 most common autoimmune diseases include:
1. Rheumatoid arthritis
2. Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis
3. Celiac disease
4, Graves’ disease
5. Diabetes mellitus, type 1
6. Vitiligo
7. Rheumatic fever
8. Pernicious anemia/atrophic gastritis
9. Alopecia areata
10. Immune thrombocytopenic purpura
Please note, there are over 100+ autoimmune diseases, at last count there was over 140+. Many times, these common autoimmune diseases decide to buddy up. It's quite common to have someone who has one autoimmune disease and as a "side effect" they acquire a second or a third autoimmune disease. For example, I know many people who have hashimotos and also experience alopecia. I've known people with diabetes who have also had alopecia too. We want to avoid this situation and get healthier quicker so as to stave off the possibility of acquiring more autoimmune diseases.
Yesterday in my Instagram and Facebook post, I noted how routine conventional alopecia treatments are administered when you see a doctor. I've also mentioned in a past post about coronavirus that having an autoimmune disease heightens the probability of you getting it and suffering more from the coronavirus compared to a regular person with no autoimmune disease and in good health. This is because your immune system is already in disarray.
This is troubling, because on one hand you have your alopecia and on another hand now you need to protect yourself even more from those with corona. What's more is that if you are on an immunosuppressive drugs like the ones noted on yesterday's instagram and facebook post, then you should really be careful with your health even more during these unknown times of coronavirus, because those drugs, really don't help you or your body thrive and do things on their own, rather they suppress your immune system and come in and "try to help" but as you know, and I am sure you have tested just as I have, they don't work, and they don't help with hairloss or even getting you healthy. Its like being hooked up to machines when your body can't manage to live on its own. That's not the way to get healthy, that's just a crutch.
So how can you get healthier in these times? How can you protect yourself? And how can you grow back your hair?
We all have individual needs. We all have different stories as to how and why we got alopecia. The one thing that brings all my clients together and sees them have success is that they all learn true health. They all learn everything that took me over 2.5 years to learn in less time, so they too can see changes and results, faster. It's incredible to help people with totalis, universalis, areata, telogen effuvium, AGA, scarring and many others!
Where to start?
I offer a free 20 minute consultation call. Sign up here and we can speak as early as this week.
I am here to help you thrive and to show you the way towards healthy hair, healthy and strong immune systems and a healthy life, not just for you, but for your whole family. Many times when I treat children with alopecia, their whole family gets on board, and everyone gets healthier together. My program doesn't just get you out of a black hole, it also elevates you to superior health, so you don't have to worry about a coronavirus, or a flu, or cancer or anything else, because your health is increasing everyday and getting better each day. That's what a health journey is all about! That's all it really takes, your commitment to your health. From there, everything else falls into place, including natural hair growth.

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